Maple Sugar Bourbon Smoked Ham
Saddlin' up to smoke a ham might seem like a wild ride, but fear not, partner—it's simpler than a country sunrise. We'll guide you through the ropes, spillin' all the secrets on how to smoke a ham. Get ready for a smokin' good time!
Sweet Apple Ribs
Smoked Apple Ribs with Gourmet Apple Rub – it's a flavor hoedown you won't want to miss. Wrangle up these easy-smokin' ribs with just 4 ingredients, delivering that sweet apple kick you've been hankerin' for. It's a taste of the wild west in every juicy bite, ready to have you swingin' your partner in a flavor square dance. 
Pig Candy (Candied Bacon)
We've got a wild treat for ya – Maple Sugar Bourbon Pig Candy! It's a dance of sweet and salty, with a bourbon kick that'll have your taste buds two-steppin'. Imagine crispy, thick-cut bacon caramelized to perfection in that maple sugar bourbon goodness. Whether it's brunch, an appetizer, or just a solo snack, this Pig Candy is a flavor roundup that'll leave you grinnin' like a country sunset.
Baked Maple Pork Loin
Lasso in the Baked Maple Pork Loin recipe – a perfect blend of savory and sweet that'll have you hankerin' for more. Roast that pork loin in the oven, keepin' it easy, and let it cook low and slow at 170 degrees for 2 hours to make it juicy, fork-tender, and downright delicious. When it comes out of the oven, smother it with the remaining maple syrup sauce for the hands-down BEST pork loin recipe you've ever tasted!
Pork Sandwich
Our super easy Pork Sandwich recipe lets the crock pot do all the work. Slow cook a loin of pork in the crock pot for a good 6 hours with a bottle and a half of our Runnin Wild Gourmet Barbecue Sauce. Once that pork's ready, pull it out, shred it up, top it with a little more barbecue sauce, load 'em into your favorite rolls, and then it's time to dig in!