Maple Sugar Bourbon Smoked Ham

Maple Sugar Bourbon Smoked Ham
Saddlin' up to smoke a ham might seem like a wild ride, but fear not, partner—it's simpler than a country sunrise. We'll guide you through the ropes, spillin' all the secrets on how to smoke a ham. Get ready for a smokin' good time!


1. Prepare the smoking temperature to 275-300 degrees, indirect cooking. Best to stay in this smoking range.

2. Rub ham with olive oil all over to act as a binder for seasoning. Next, generously apply Maple Sugar Bourbon Rub all over the ham. (You can also use yellow or spicy brown mustard as a binder.)

3. Place ham flat meat side down on a cooking tray rack. (You can also place ham flat meat side down in a foil tray to smoke.)

4. Since the ham is fully cooked, all you want to do is heat the ham up to 140 degrees in the thickest part of the ham. You will need to smoke the ham for 4-5 hours to reach 140 degrees. (Keep close watch on the temperature throughout the cook.)

5. Once ham reaches temperature of 125-130 degrees you are ready to glaze the ham and then let it remain on smoker until 140-degree temperature is achieved. (Glaze: 2 cups honey with 4-5 tablespoons of Maple Sugar Bourbon Rub mixed in with the honey.) Glaze the entire ham.

6. At 140 degrees internal ham temperature, remove from smoker and you are ready to serve. Go make your mouth happy!