Venison Chili
Our Venison Chili is sure not to disappoint. Grab yourself a bottle of Wild Game Seasoning and give it a try! It's a flavor trail that'll have you savorin' the wild west with every spoonful.
Venison Stuffed French Bread
We got a pound of ground venison, flavored with garlic, cream of mushroom soup, Worcestershire sauce, and seasoned with our Wild Game Seasoning and Peppered Sea Salt. Top it off with some meltin' provolone cheese and serve it all sandwiched between French Bread – now, that's downright delish!
Danielle's Venison & Beef Meatloaf
Well, tip your hat to Danielle, folks! Her Venison & Beef Meatloaf is sure not to disappoint – no matter what day of the week it is! Using ground beef and venison, it's a spin on traditional meatloaf. Whip up this recipe using our secret ingredient, Wild Game Seasoning. Thanks for sharin' this taste of country goodness with us, Danielle!
Bison & Vegetable Stew
Get your hands on a bottle of Smokey Paprika and whip up our Runnin Wild Bison & Vegetable Stew! It's a flavor showdown from the heart of the country, delivering a hearty taste of the wild west in every spoonful.