The 'Original' Pork Candy Ribs

The Original Pork Candy Ribs

The Rib Recipe that started it all! Our famous Pork Candy Ribs. The best ribs you'll ever have and super simple to make. Try it once and you'll never make ribs any other way.



  1. Heat grill or smoker for indirect cooking at 225 degrees F
  2. Remove back membrane from ribs
  3. Lightly dust both sides of ribs with Peppered Sea Salt
  4. Generously dust both sides of ribs with Pork Candy Sweet Hickory Rub
  5. Let ribs stand (sweat) for 30-45 minutes
  6. Smoke ribs meaty side up for a TOTAL of 3 to 3.5 hours. At the 2.5 hour mark generously dust meaty side of ribs again with Pork Candy Sweet Hickory Rub. Ribs are done when a toothpick goes through the ribs like butter.
  7. When ribs are done, baste/brush meaty side of ribs with Runnin' Wild Original or Hickory Smoke BBQ Sauce and continue cooking for a few minutes to set sauce. 
  8. Baste/Brush with additional sauce before serving. Dig in!