Welcome to Runnin' Wild Foods where big bold flavor is injected into everything we do. Don't be alarmed if your mouth starts watering as you peruse our store, it tends to happen with flavors this delicious. Our product line now includes thirteen bold flavors of Steak 'N A Bag.

Give them all a try.

Check out our full line of Gourmet Seasonings & Rubs guaranteed to make you the most popular grillin' guy or gal on the block. Get out there and cook up a nice, juicy story of your own with Runnin' Wild. And let everyone know you live life well done.


New Runnin' Wild Hot Sauce
Pork Candy
Chips N Dip
Beef Sticks & Summer Sausage
Korn Nutz
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Visit our Gourmet Gift Sets page for great taste by the bucket full!

Forget the pens, paperweights and polos. Our smokin' hot gift sets are chock full of our unbelievable seasonings, tasty meat rubs and mouth-watering Steak 'N A Bag.