Gourmet Seasoning - Buffalo
Gourmet Seasoning - Buffalo 5.1oz (162g)

Gourmet Seasoning - Buffalo

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Gourmet Seasoning - Buffalo
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Gourmet Seasoning - Buffalo

Now us country boys are amazed by this one.  This is like we took a bottle of Buffalo Sauce made it turn into dried granules.  I do not know where they are hiding the machine on the farm that does this one.

I am sure you know all about Buffalo Sauce so you can use this one just like you do Buffalo Sauce to spice up those good ole' chicken wings on the grill.. now that is a good idea instead of frying those wings just barbecue them on the grill with this seasoning.  Man it tastes good, has that great buffalo kick we all know and love.  Try it on shrimp, potatoes or in buffalo chicken dip, Yumm.

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