Gourmet Rub - Smokey Paprika
Gourmet Seasoning - Smokey Paprika 5.7oz (162g)

Gourmet Rub - Smokey Paprika

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Gourmet Meat Rub - Smokey Paprika
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Gourmet Meat Rub - Smokey Paprika

Serious about grillin'? Grab this bottle of Runnin' Wild Smokey Paprika and go find a worthy slab of meat. Fire up the grill (or oven) and rub a manly amount of Runnin' Wild over your ribs, pork, or bird. Slather it on good. Now do some tough-guy thing for 30 minutes while Runnin' Wild takes over. If you want big props, let it infuse for 24 hours. You've just added a kick to your meat that no other seasonin' can muster. But don't stop there. Use it to add serious gusto to garlic bread and spuds, too.

No MSG. Seriously.

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