Gourmet Seasoning - Vegetable
Gourmet Seasoning - Vegetable 5.7oz (162g)

Gourmet Seasoning - Vegetable

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Gourmet Seasoning - Veggie 5.7oz (162g)
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Gourmet Seasoning - Veggie

You don’t have to be a tree-hugger to love veggies. Just pop open a bottle of Runnin’ Wild Vegetable Seasoning and shake it on your vegetables. Then sauté, stir fry, steam ‘em, or grill ‘em. Like it raw? Stir up a hefty dash of Runnin’ Wild Vegetable Seasoning into sour cream and you’ve got a veggie dip with a healthy dose of gusto. Spiff up a spud. Add a kick to popcorn. Make a salad sizzle. This stuff is so good it’ll make kids drool over brussels sprouts. Dash this on and get ready to turnip real flavor.

No MSG. No bones about it.

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