Gourmet Seasoning - Poultry
Gourmet Seasoning - Poultry 5.7oz

Gourmet Seasoning - Poultry

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Gourmet Seasoning - Poultry
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Gourmet Seasoning - Poultry

Want a meal everyone will flock to? Something that’ll send those taste buds soarin’ straight to the happy farm? Just shake Runnin’ Wild Poultry Seasoning all over a plump chicken. Take a cat nap for 30 minutes while Runnin’ Wild goes to work. (If you really wanna make that bird sing, marinate it overnight.) Then pop that perfectly marinated masterpiece in the rotisserie, on the grill, or in the oven and shake on more Runnin’ Wild. This isn’t just for the birds; it works wonders on pork and fish, too. 

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