Gourmet Rub - Warm Spice
Gourmet Meat Rub - Warm Spice 5.7oz (162g)

Gourmet Rub - Warm Spice

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Gourmet Meat Rub- Warm Spice
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Gourmet Meat Rub - Warm Spice

You can't rope a steer, but you can still grill it up like a wrangler. Consider this bottle of Runnin' Wild Warm Spice your brandin' iron, cuz you're gonna get big, bold high-plains flavor no cowboy ever achieved. Just slather heaps of Runnin' Wild Warm Spice on the ribs, pork, or poultry you wrestled from the butcher. Kick up your boots for 30 minutes while Runnin' Wild takes over. Want it wilder? Let it guzzle up the flavor for 24 hours. Either way, you just roped authentic smokehouse flavor that'll buck the pants off anything. Use it to get blazin' flavor on veggies, dips, and more.

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